Jaguar Pride (Heart of the Jaguar #4)

 by Terry Spear

# OF STARS  5/5                   Genre: Paranormal                            Pages: 323


JAG Special Forces operatives like Golden Claw agent Melissa Overton and her partner, Huntley Anderson, are trained for the most dangerous missions in the harshest environments. These hardened jaguar shifters can handle any variable, even . . . babies?

When Huntley and Melissa find two jaguar shifter cubs snoozing in their jungle hut while on assignment, they have to keep the cubs and each other safe from ruthless poachers, bringing these partners closer in ways they never expected…

ARC Review:

JAG is a Military branch for Jaguar shifters only. They are on a case where they are hunt poachers who grabbed a puma and her cubs. They rescue them and lose the ring leader will they be able to catch him or not?

Melissa and Huntley not only found out that their relationships ended when they were out of town but when they start their vacation they decided to follow up leads on the case they just finished and run into a whole lot of crap. So they are now dealing with more information and are on their way back to the same place they just left hunting their man. What else could go wrong or right with this case?

Taking care of cubs/babies is no small task when you are prepared its another thing all together when its thrown on you in a mission and you sink or swim. Good thing they both seem like naturals in this. Also they finally figure out what the parent’s names are and have devised their own mission to rescue them but will it work?

They are just getting out of the frying pan in to the fire. What else can possibly happen? Really can’t the catch a break?

This was a very exciting book I had a hard time putting it down. You never knew where the two would be going or getting into next. I LOVED how it ended and am grateful for such a great book.

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