Brie’s Tokyo Tryst (Submissive in Love #1)

22825730 by Red Phoenix

# OF STARS  5/5                   Genre: BDSM                                    Pages: 89


Submissive in Love #1

Brie Bennett is a submissive in love, but a chain of events will lead her on an unexpected journey around the world. A haunting dream, along with Tono Nosaka’s disappearance, forces an unplanned trip to Japan where tragedy, duty and the allure of Kinbaku take center stage. Brie discovers an enchanting new side to the gentle Master and the compelling reason for his silence.

This first novella of Brie’s Submissive in Love series takes you on a tantalizing journey to Tokyo: a land of tradition, beauty and seductive rope play…


This is a heart retching tale you will be sad and crying.

In this story Brie is debating about if she should do a follow up movie. She has a bad feeling something very wrong is going on with Tono and is proven correct when she gets his letter. What will Sir and Brie find when they get to Tokyo and will they be in time?

Tono has suffered a major loss and has to learn to deal with it. With the help of Brie and Sir he is able to get through the unbearable heartache.

Of all of Phoenix’s Brie series this is one of the hardest books I have read of hers. You can feel the pain and loss and are grateful with the way of was portrayed. Thank you so much for your great work Phoenix and I look forward to book 2.

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