Loved by the Pack (The Wolfpack Trilogy, #3)

25062488 by Abby Weeks

# OF STARS  5/5                   Genre: paranormal                             Pages: 260


This book is the fabulous conclusion to the best selling Wolfpack Trilogy.
Aisha learns that anything is possible in the world of the shifters.
Logan returns to take vengeance on the men who harmed her in the past.
He and his brothers make sure that Aisha knows she is loved and cherished in her new life, and she learns that all four of them want to have pups with her.
She also finds out about the ancient prophecy that explains her origins, and why she was left alone in Seattle as a baby.
Don’t miss it!

Reviewed By Tammy:

Oh my gosh! I am in tears. What a way for Abby to end this book with us crying is so not nice. What a way to end a series it was great and very moving.

So many things are answered that where hinted at in the other books. The guys were able to move past their personal issues and make Aisha the happiest woman on the planet. Also make us wish we were her in some of the scenes yum yum.

I loved how she made us wait till the end of the book to her the prophecy that was hinted about in book 1.

There where ups and down. There was conflict. There were misunderstandings and most importantly there was mating.

You will not be disappointed with this book but you will be sad that it is the ending of the series maybe if we asked nicely she will do a spin off of it so we can meet the kids at some point.

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