In The Arms of an Enemy

In the Arms of an Enemy by Bethany Shaw

# OF STARS 4 /5                     Genre:     Paranormal                               Pages: 42


Astrid loves her new life in Tuscany. She is free from the restrictive boundaries of pack life and able to make her own choices. When her alpha’s brother moves into the flat next to hers, it sets a series of events into place that will change her life forever. Should she flee or face her enemy?

Kendrick can’t believe it when he runs into Astrid in Tuscany. The fiery wolf has always held a special place in his heart. Can he prove to her that he’s different than his brother? Or will he lose her forever?
This 12,000 word short story is a standalone story with NO cliffhanger.

Reviewed by Lilly

In this book Astrid find herself in Tuscany this time far away from her ex Killian, hopefully?!. She starts dating again but runs into someone she doesn’t want to be near, or doesn’t she. Kendrick makes her wolf interested. Can he be trusted? Was he sent by Killian? He is the brother of her ex?  Saving her life she starts to trust and after a long time of no shifting runs free with him. How long will it last.  This book was great. Wish there was a little more back story but in all was pretty good short story., Also the overview of the book says standalone with no cliffhanger, to me it is a bit of a cliffhanger but maybe its just me wanting more. Especially since they are moving so close to the pack again.

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