Werewolves with Chocolate (Werewolves in The Kitchen #1.5)

25005942 by Shauna Aura Knight

 # OF STARS  5/5                  Genre: paranormal                             Pages: 77


Jake and Kyle have big plans for Ellie. The three of them will be celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together, and the two werewolves have prepared a feast of chocolates, fruits, and desserts to seduce her. After several busy weeks Ellie’s looking forward to a relaxing weekend with her mates; their pent up lust has her blood boiling. However, when an injured werewolf shows up on their doorstep, the three have to deal with pack politics on the most romantic weekend of the year. Sex and chocolate had been in the plans, but now the mix includes a pissed off werewolf pack and the threat of war with enemy wolves. Will the dangers of the shifter underworld force them apart?

ARC Reviewed by Tammy:

This book is the sequel to Werewolves in the Kitchen.

I haven’t read the first book but after read this one it sounds to be interesting. I love the play between the three main characters.

In this story they are try to celebrate Valentines but something is always getting in the way of their mating. I mean really could they be any more unlucky. Cant someone give the girl a break so she can finally mate with her men for a few hours.

There is some turmoil that needs to be dealt with and I am happy that Ellis stood up and didn’t let the Alpha try to take advantage of the situation. Good for her.

Over all I want to say that is book had a little bit of everything and had me on the edge because I never knew where Shauna was going to take us next.

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