Isabel and The Wolf (Werewolf alpha male erotic romance): Part Three

  Isabel and The Wolf (Werewolf alpha male erotic romance): Part Three by Ariana Hawkes

# OF STARS  5/5                   Genre: paranormal                             Pages: 74


Stunned by what she’s just seen at Peter’s house, Isabel flees to the forest. In her shock and confusion, she veers off the main track and can’t find her way back. The possibility of spending a night lost and alone in the Gila wilderness suddenly becomes very real.

Just as her panic reaches its peak, Jed, the sexy sheriff comes to her rescue for the second time. Isabel can’t help but be tempted by Jed’s easy-going charms, but it’s not long before Peter’s onto his scent, and the consequences prove explosive.

There’s no way that Peter’s going to get away without some explanation for his recent behavior, and being pushed into a corner somehow brings out his softer side. It seems like, maybe, just maybe, Peter could be boyfriend material, but the full moon is near, and disaster is following close behind.

Isabel and The Wolf: Part Three is a 26,500 word novella and the third episode in the new werewolf erotic romance serial by Ariana Hawkes. It contains cliffhangers. It also contains strong sexual themes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Reviewed by Tammy

This book is six chapters long.

She finds Josie at Peter’s house and instead of asking what the hell is going on. She is letting her mind jump to all sorts of conclusions that only seem to make her more and more upset. Well duh that is what happens when you jump to conclusions without all the facts are we sure she isn’t a dumb blonde gosh. 🙂

Her friend Kara finally makes it down for a visit and they have some parting planned. They meet a couple of guys in town and she runs in to Jeb. What could possible go wrong here hmmm?

Peter and Jeb have issues with each other will we learn what those are?

Peter shows up and asks her out on a real date not their regular hook ups but a real dinner and a movie about time. It took him long enough to do that hopefully this is the start of something good.

He leaves out of town and when he gets back they pick up where they left off. But she wants to make love to him facing each other what could go wrong?

We will have to wait for part four to answer that question but boy as we move along in this series it keeps getting better.

I am loving it thank you Ariana. 🙂 ❤

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