Isabel and The Wolf: Paranormal Werewolf and Shape Shifter Romance (Part 4)

Isabel and The Wolf: Paranormal Werewolf and Shape Shifter Romance (Part 4) by Ariana Hawkes        Release date: 3/17

# OF STARS  5/5                   Genre: paranormal                 Pages: 75


Horrified by the revelation of Peter’s true nature, Isabel pushes him, and everything to do with him, as far out of her mind as possible. Instead, she looks for comfort in the arms of Jed – the handsome, stable guy her mother would approve of. But it’s not long before she discovers that Jed is not all he seems either, and suddenly, the secrets of Silver City are brought to shaggy-haired life.

As news of the town’s unusual wolves begins to spread, and outsiders intrude on the small community, a shocking incident throws Peter and Jed together in a way Isabel couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes it takes adversity to reveal your true feelings, and Isabel finally knows what she needs to do to resolve the conflict between her head and her heart.

Reviewed by Tammy:

This book is seven chapters long.

She see’s Peter true nature and having issues with it. She runs to see her best friend for comfort and reassurance that she hasn’t lost her mind. She comes back and has a very romantic date with Jeb and the night ends with her having hope till she gets home and becomes despondent thinking of Peter.

She has a second date with Jeb but this one ends with more question then answers and to many similarities to Peter for her to ignore. She begs Jeb to be honest with her because she has an idea of what he is but he refuses to answer her.

She seeks out the three people she trust to answer her questions. One gives her the hard truth but she has a hard time accepting it as fact. So she goes to the couple she trust most and she answers all her questions without sugar coating it and leaves her feeling better.

She goes and confronts Peter and they come to an understanding. Something happens to Jeb and it makes her realize her true feelings for both men but can she have her heart’s desire?

To answer that you will have to read the book hehe. My only complaint is to Ariana that is not a nice way to end the book I WANT MORE!!!!!!!

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