To Love (Vampire Assassin League #21)

To Love (Vampire Assassin League, #21) by Jackie Ivie

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: paranormal                              Pages: 83



Marla Sanders lives an alternate lifestyle. She’s a believer. Astrology mainly. The occult. The spiritual. Paranormal. The world’s soul. The powers that bring fantasy to life. It shouldn’t be a far stretch to believe in vampires. It really shouldn’t. Especially when the one that appears is young. Very handsome. Extremely fit. And claiming her.


Cullen MacCorrick was born to war. Fighting for an independent Scotland got him an execution sentence. Vampirism set him free. Centuries of afterlife haven’t altered him much. He’s got a perfect bachelor life. No plans. No encumbrances. No complications. A seer warned him before his capture to stay away from Stonehenge. And he did. Until…


Marla’s on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. It includes the inner circle at Stonehenge. On the eve of the Fall Equinox. The monolith is lit with sunset hues. The atmosphere is electric. Her horoscope foretold of a date with destiny. A new beginning. Another chance. Oddly…there wasn’t a word in there about Cullen…

Reviewed by Tammy:

Cullen is on the hunt for his target that is good at changing his appearance. He runs into a few issues along the way.

Marla is visiting Stonehenge after her breakup. This was supposed to be their next vacation together but her broke up with her and she decided to still go on the trip. She realizes this is a good way to make a clean break and be ready for the next chapter.

Cullen finds his mate but is it too late? Will she accept him for who he is? Will she believe him or think he is lying?

Nigel finds the one who is to be his mate but will he get her? Will he hurt his family to get her? Will he walk away and not know love?????

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