Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic by Anna Morris

# OF STARS  3/5                    Genre:             bdsm                Pages: 250


Emma Forrester is an attractive divorcee who has recently escaped a loveless marriage. Embarking on a new life with vibrant friends, she is introduced to Ethan, a quiet and mysterious artist from the Deep South who is visiting the country to exhibit his work. Still fresh from the breakdown of her past relationship, Emma is initially reluctant to embark upon a relationship with Ethan, but the two are drawn together, only for her to discover that he harbours a sexually dominant dark side. Given that she is completely inexperienced as a submissive, Ethan agrees to teach her, and introduces her to desires she never knew existed. The novel continues through a series of intimate encounters which test the levels of Emma’s endurance and cause her to question the essence of her own sexuality. As her relationship with Ethan grows more physically intense, her boundaries are pushed so far that she Emma is faced with an almost impossible decision; should she give Ethan up and return to the life she knew, or allow him to draw her completely into his world?


Reviewed by Tammy

The book for me is on the slow side I had a hard time getting into the book.

We follow Emma as she meets a guy she likes but because of how her last relationship ended she has issues with self image and doubts about everything. She likes the guy but has been warned off of him by her friend and him. She learns he is a dominate and she not sure if she is ready for that.

She agrees to do it. But she wasn’t prepared for it at all. He didn’t give her enough information and I see this as a hard way to introduce someone to this life style. He makes her work past it but I do see how he dose listen to her even when she doesn’t use the safe word.

He fisted her and belittled her. She dealt but felt insecure. He took her from behind even though she was scared she worked past it. But when it was over she ran. Was it too much and will she want more?

She doesn’t follow all his orders what will her next punishment be and can she take it and still be with him?

Wow these two have some issues to work out if they are going to be together.

Now we are doing bloodletting he has no specific style he all over. I fell he is out of control he is not preparing her for anything and some of the things he does to her are degrading if you are not prepared correctly.

Wow just as she is dealing with one issue her ex-husband has to make an appearance will this make things easier or harder on her? Will it influence her decision?

After she makes her life altering decision she has an intense session and feels at home. My only complaint is that she ends it with us wondering what will happen next in their lives.

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