Daniel’s Mate (Pack Mates Book 6)

Daniel's Mate (Pack Mates Book 6) By Lynn Tyler

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: Paranormal                  Pages: 216


Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept. Big, bad wolf shifter, Daniel Carter has been on the run for years. Finally settling down near the Smooth Rock Falls werewolf pack as a lone wolf, he feels he may actually have a chance at protecting the secret he’s been carrying with him. Trevor Armstrong is still recovering from half a year of horror. The last thing he wants is to be under the influence of another alpha. So when Daniel offers Trevor the chance to recover without giving an oath to the resident alpha, he jumps at it. But secrets are not always meant to be kept and one false move can ruin them all.

ARC Reviewed by Tammy:

This is book 6 in the series. I am reading it as a standalone but I recommend reading them in order so you know what is going on better.

Dan is trying to protect the most important thing in his life when he takes to ultimate sacrifice to help Trevor he shares his secret with him. Will they be able to keep protecting it or will something bad happen?

Trevor is trying to deal with PTSD and Dan can help him if he lets him. Will he?

Dan is trying to find out if there race is in danger and helping Trevor with his issues. They have an honest talk and realize they are attracted to each other but will they act on it?

Oh my gosh! The information that Dan found could destroy their way of life and put his family in danger. What is the werewolf council going to do? Will they be able to stop it? Will things get out of hand?

They were able to finally become a real family. They were able to help his comrades. They were able to join the pack. Will life be easy for them? We will have to wait for book 7 but Lynn did a very good job and I for one loved the book. I just wish I had read the rest of the series first but I was very happy with the book and was able to see what was going on.

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