Country Heaven (Country Love #1)

Country Heaven (Country Love Series #1)

by Vicki Green

# OF STARS  4/5                    Genre:             Romance                     Pages:  337


Heaven is in the eyes of the beholder,
To help others see that beauty,
Makes the heavens open its loving arms

Memphis Johnson loves his Montana ranch. It is something he has worked hard for all his life. When his Pa died, he swore he would give back by helping others see the beauty in the land, as Pa did for him. But with that can come trouble and even heartache. One misfortunate girl begins a different kind of hard work for Memphis. He tries to help her learn the ropes and tame her wild ways. His heart opens too wide for her, and he finds he has to change tactics fast or lose her.

Sadie Tisdale is your typical ‘city girl’, with the latest fashions and a wealthy father who gives her anything she asks for. She loves to party, hang out with the wrong people and doesn’t have a care in the world until one night… After being arrested, again, her father has had enough of her wild ways and decides to teach her a lesson. A lesson which could cost her the love of her father and the money she is supposed to receive on her twenty first birthday if she doesn’t comply.

Spoiled city girls don’t mix with country. Will Sadie learn there is more to life than staying out all night and having sex with a different guy each time? Can she calm her wild ways or will she run?

*This is intended for 18+ readers

Reviewed by Lilly:

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

Country Heaven is a good start to the series, cant wait to read the more. Vicki does a great job in bringing her characters to life There was a good mixture of romance, love, suspense and drama in the book you had to keep going. Most books read as the men being the party ones. But here in Country Heaven a father tries to curb his daughter Sadie ways of partying by sending her to a ranch. So what happens when you put a spoiled city girl on a ranch, You will just have to read and enjoy the book.

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