Loving Two Dragons (Awakening Cycle #1)

Loving Two Dragons (Awakening Cycle, #1)

by James D. Horton

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: parnormal        Pages: 80


What would you do when caught between two worlds and two incredible men?

After applying for a prestigious position at Crimson-Gold Industries and meeting magnetic billionaire Archer Ddraig, curvy Jennifer’s world is turned upside down.

She thinks she blew it on the final interview and to make matters worse, she’s seeing things! There’s no way a twelve foot man-bear is fighting two Knights in the downtown alley. No way.

Logan is silver tongued and charming, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. What are the chances of meeting two irresistible men in one day?

Jennifer is thrust against her will completely into the world of two Dragon Shifters and her heart is in just as much danger as she is.

Reviewed by Tammy:

OH MY GOODNESS…….James that was mean how you ended the book talks about cliff hanger. It’s not like you did already have us scratching our heads with the talk about the past but only give us bits here and there. We have the love triangle but not a triangle. I can’t wait to get part 2 to see if they finally get there crap together. But well done.

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