Broken Love and Forever Bound (Bound Series #1)

Broken Love and Forever Bound

by Layla Stevens

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: romance                      Pages: 269


Kayla Ashby is bound by her terrifying past, but what haunts her most is her dreams. Can Kayla’s dreams be real? In her dreams, she can fulfill all her erotic desires; she has no boundaries, and can be anyone or anything she wants. She often finds herself with erotic clothing and using a whip and handcuffs.

Kayla has a problem in real life dealing with her demons but at night, while she is sleeping she is no longer the scared little girl she once was. Are her dreams telling her who she really is? And can she break away from her fears to become that person or will she be forever bound by her past?

Her heart is bound to another. She has loved him from the very beginning, but is she worthy of him and his love? Is it possible to overcome all those thoughts and dreams that hold her back and move on? Can Kayla overcome her abandonment issues and discover what it is like to truly love?

Garrett Winters holds his feelings close to his heart. Keeping his true feelings deep inside, hidden from those who surround him, including the one who he wants nothing more than to capture. Lovers come and go, but no one else comes close to doing what they do for each other their bond is immeasurable.

Will fate bring him to his true love or will he forever be bound to finding his heart? When they cross paths again, can their love overcome or will they both be forever, broken?

Reviewed by Tammy:

I received a free ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t know where to start with this story. It is very moving and extremely sad. There is so much abuse and heart ache. The people who should have loved her and taken care of her betrayed her in the worst way. She is sent away. She copes with all her issues but she really isn’t living or surviving. She finally comes back home to confront her demons and move on. She meets back up with her best friends and the man she loves. But will she accept it all and feel she can move on or hide? Will she make the right choices? Will she accept the love she deserves?

Just when you think you know everything the other shoe drops. Now I have to wait to read part 2.

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