Commanded (Club Sin #6)

Commanded (Club Sin, #6)

by Stacey Kennedy

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: BDSM             Pages: 195


Club Sin comes alive once again in this decadent new erotic romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy, perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey.

A dedicated cop, Sawyer Quinn blows off steam by immersing himself in his role as a Master at the hottest club in Las Vegas. But when Sawyer goes after the perp who brutally beat his sister, he teams up with Chloe Nash, a sexy private investigator who awakens a sweet new need: to keep her to himself, away from the dungeon of Club Sin. Chloe is beautiful, smart, and too innocent for the BDSM lifestyle. Sawyer’s never wanted a woman like this before. Is her love worth swearing off the one thing that keeps him sane?

There’s something different about Sawyer: a commanding strength that pulls Chloe into a vortex of heady desire. But when she learns about his double life as a Dom, she’s shocked—and afraid she could never complete him. Then he saves her life, and just like that, Chloe knows she will be able to give him anything he desires. She is his—wherever and however he wants to take her.

Reviewed by Tammy:

I received this copy from the Author for an honest review.

This is book sixth in the series and I am reading it as a standalone.

This book is steamy and not your typical bdsm book. We meet Chloe who is a strong woman who isn’t afraid of much. She deals with things and moves on easily. She has a long term boyfriend but they realize that they are better as friends. She meets this guy and they have a very strong attraction to each other. Will things work out? Will she accept the bdsm life style? Will it bring them together or tear them apart?

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