Steel: Blue Collar Wolves #3 (Mating Season Collection)

Steel: Blue Collar Wolves #3 (Mating Season Collection)

by Ronin Winters

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: PARANORMAL         Pages: 59


Hunters and Wolves have been enemies for generations – but what happens when a hunter is your true mate?

Steel knows the answer to that question, because his mate might be a hunter, but she’s intelligent, cunning, and drop-dead sexy – everything he’s ever wanted and everything the pack needs in the mate of the alpha.

Convincing her might be difficult, but he’s alpha for a reason. This Red better watch out, because the Big Bad Wolf is going to show her why having a wolf for a mate is just right.

Reviewed by Tammy:

I received this copy for free from the Author for an honest review.

Steel had some major obstacles with his mate. His wasn’t as easy as the others. He had a better understanding of Iron’s strengths. He had some major decisions to make and I am happy he made the right ones. By letting Red go she was able to realize that he was what she wanted and came back to him. I can’t wait to see what Ronin will have them go thru next.

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