Beauty And The Billionaire Bear (The Shifter Princes, #2)

Beauty And The Billionaire Bear (The Shifter Princes, #2)

by Sable Sylvan

# OF STARS  5/5                    Genre: PARANORMAL         Pages: 90


When Rose Charleston’s father steals a rose from a billionaire bear shifter, only the curvy human woman can save him from the wrath of the werebear. The handsome shifter calls himself “Beast” and demands payments for what Rose’s father stole…and by having weekly dinners with Beast over the course of a month, Rose will earn her father’s freedom.

It’s just dinner: how hard could it be? Each Friday, they’ll have dinner, together, and for the rest of the week, Rose will have free reign of the billionbear’s mansion in upstate Montana…but there are secrets lurking behind every corner. What does the billionaire bear want with her, and why are her dreams haunted by the howls of something in the forest, gardens, and greenhouses outside her room?

Every dinner with Beast grows more intense, the tension between the pair growing, until they can’t keep themselves apart any longer, events coming to a climax the night before Rose is sent back to her home. Will she finally learn the mysterious shifter’s name, or will the only word left on her lips be, “Beast”?

If you love sassy BBWs and bear shifters are what you live for, sexy billionaires are what you dream of, and fated mates are your obsession, check out Beauty And The Billionaire Bear! This book is a standalone novella, part of The Shifter Princes, a series of remixed fairy tales.

Reviewed by Tammy:

I received this copy for free from the Author for an honest review.

This is a remake of beauty and the beast with a twist. This was a great story. Father gets caught stealing a flower for oldest daughter. She risks everything to save him. Daughter falls in love with the beast that happens to be her mate. Will they be able to work out the trust issues?

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