Bad Love (Step Over the Line #1-3)

Bad Love (Step Over the Line #1-3)


Genre: Romance

Pages: 330




The wild story between right and wrong… and wild passion and romance… 


It’s supposed to be simple. I’m the good girl, he’s the bad boy. We’re at a party. We get drunk. His eyes are all over me… so I let him be all over me. Simple as that. One crazy night with the sexiest guy in the world. Stripping away all my innocence. 

I’m never going to have to deal with him again. Until my father makes a shocking confession… my father’s now married and I have a new stepbrother. When I meet him, my life forever changes… 


Yeah, I knew the truth before I slept with her. And you know what? I didn’t give damn about it. I take what I want and I forget everything – and everyone – else. So when Jade sees me standing there, being introduced as her new stepbrother, the look on her face is priceless. But something else starts to happen… she turns me on again. She’s too pretty and way too tempting to be around. 

I like it. I like her. I like us. 

She’s so innocent and so good. And she has no idea who I really am or what I’m actually capable. Hell, maybe even I don’t know. 

It’s wild and it’s fun… just as long as we don’t get caught – or fall in love. 

Yeah, right. 


Aurora Hayes is the pen name for bestselling romance author, Ana W. Fawkes. 

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Reviewed by Lilly:

Just wow. Bad love? Heck no. Some great loving here. What happens when the rich girl is home alone? Of course go wild, get drunk, get laid. But the next day daddy gets home and these two are step brother and sister. Do Jake and Jade end it with a one night stand? Jade’s father has plans for her. Get her married off to Hunter. Its a classic book of bad boy vs good boy . This book is a great read. Passion. Lies. Deceit. Betrayal. Bar fights all in one.

I received this free copy from the Author for an honest review.

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