“Blood Enchantment (Blood Series, #6)”

Blood Enchantment 
(Blood Series, #6)
by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Julia’s spirit is crushed as she sits trapped in the Singer bunker while heaven knows what happens to her people in the evil hands of Praile.

Meanwhile, the insidious demon’s spore flourishes, reeking havoc on what makes her angelic. Now it’s a waiting game until Julia and Scott are released from their forced protection into a potential second catastrophe.

Adi and Slash have fallen prey to the corrupt Were, as Tramack doggedly seeks that which he does not deserve. Can Tessa and Tahlia escape? Will Lanarre royalty cage Tahlia, or will Drek set her free?

Does Lazarus escape the depths of hell, only to fail in his pursuit of the ultimate forbidden fruit?


A large hawk slowly spirals in loose circles above her head. “What?” she chokes out.


She rolls her head, and it comes off the rock.

No. Tahlia is under three Lanarre.

They’re holding her down. Gotta get over there.

Tessa begins to claw at the ground, working her way inch by inch.

A foot lands on her back, and she groans as pain radiates through her beaten body.

She grabs the foot and twists. The Lanarre loses his balance, falling beside her.

She shoves her thumb in his eye. He wails, and she rolls to her side, lurching to her feet, and stumbles toward Tahlia.

Why does she look like I’m seeing her through a tunnel?

Tahlia drops to her knees just as an elegant and commanding Lanarre moves into the clearing.

Tessa sways.

He takes in the melee then shouts, “Stop!” in the most intense voice she’s ever heard.

Tessa shudders. His voice resonates through her bones like a note from a tuning fork. She begins to fall forward, and someone catches her. She bats weakly at the hands. Then she notices whose hands hold her.

Heat seeps into all the cold parts of her body, one in particular.

Her eyes snap open.

Pale-blue eyes stare somberly down at her out of a face too red to be human flesh.

Laz!” she calls in weak warning.

His tail snaps back like a mallet, taking the approaching Lanarre’s head off at the base.

Like a classic parody of a zombie, the Lanarre keeps walking forward, arms outstretched, blood shooting out of his neck like a geyser. He comically tumbles forward.

The four after him are more cautious as they approach Laz.

My demon.

About The Author
Tamara Rose Blodgett is the author of over seventy titles, including her New York Times bestselling novel, A Terrible Love, and the international bestselling TOKEN serial, written under the pen name Marata Eros. Tamara writes a variety of dark fiction in the genres of erotica, fantasy, horror, romance, suspense and sci-fi. She and her husband live in the midwest with their four sons and three disrespectful dogs. Tamara’s #1 hobby is reading; she loves interacting with her readers.
You can find Tamara Rose at
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