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TITLE – Discovered
SERIES (& book #) – The Forsaken Blood Series #1
AUTHOR – Em Taylor
GENRE – Vampire Romance/ Science Fiction Romance/ Futuristic Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – 4th December 2015
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 98,000 words
COVER ARTIST – Veronica Fernandez Munoz and Em Taylor

**NOTE – Book can be read as standalone

Discovered - CoverBOOK SYNOPSIS

Edinburgh is a city that’s slow to change. Which is why in 2061, Professor Lachlan Mackenzie still lives there. He hasn’t changed in the 1000 years since he and his shipmates abandoned ship, forsaken by the Vampyras millions of light years away and left to fend for themselves, feeding off the blood of humans.

Lachlan is drawn to sexy psychologist Kate the moment he steps into her office. He wants to protect her and help her overcome her PTSD. Ignoring the warning signs of his growing attraction he agrees to be her cabin mate on the journey to the new colony on Mars. But when Kate discovers him feeding on bagged blood, all hell breaks loose. Has he been set up by the Vampyr council leader? Will Kate ever forgive his lies? And how does he explain what he is to his long lost daughter who he meets on their journey?

As Kate starts to trust, outside forces threaten to rip them apart. Will Lachlan lose the only woman he’s ever truly bonded with?

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He forced himself to move his lips across her cheek, peppering light pecks down her jawline as she tangled her fingers in his hair and whispered his name.

Suddenly she started to struggle. “Lachlan, your teeth.”

“What about them?” he asked, pinning her back to the bed and tugging at the shoulder of her white tennis dress. It moved down to her elbow easily, and he revealed the cup of a white lacy bra. His cock jerked and his heart beat speeded up. Soon, very soon his lips would be around the dusky areola he could see just beneath the material.

“Are they in or out?”

He lifted himself slightly off Kate pulling the other side of the dress down, unconcerned with whatever was bothering her.

“My canines are in for now. Why?” Another perfectly-shaped and perfectly-sized breast. “Lift your hips.” She did as she was bid, and he slipped the sexy little tennis dress off, reminding himself he needed to ask Meg to send some hydrogen peroxide.

“I still have blood on me.”

Lachlan leaned on his elbow and surveyed her, cocking an eyebrow. “You do indeed.”
There was a line of dried blood running from just below her collarbone, under the cup of her bra, and probably pooling just under her breast. He touched it lightly with an index finger, tracing it as far as the edge if her bra. “That…my darling Kate, is every male Vampyr’s wet dream.”

He pressed his tongue to the edge of the lace, and Kate sighed, her eyelids fluttering closed.

“What if your teeth pop out again and you bite me by accident?” she asked as she arched her back, reaching for the touch of his tongue. He chuckled against her breast.

“Did your mother never teach you it’s rude to disturb a man when he’s eating, Katie?

Guest Post = Author Choice

10 things I love about Vampyrs

A number of years ago, a friend gave me Twilight to read but I never read it. I still have it on my bookshelf and hope to get round to it one day. But it did make me wonder what the fuss was about with vampires. I had started listening to audio books at night to fall asleep to and I had listened to Lynsay Sands Scottish medieval books. Once finished with them I had given her Regency books a shot and enjoyed them. All that seemed left in the Audible catalogue by her was a series of vampire books. Her Argeneau series. I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t into horror books and, if truth be told, I’m a total wimp. But I fell in love with the Argeneau series and have since read Molly Harper, Kresley Cole and a bunch of other vampire books. I must admit to never having read either Dracula by Bram Stoker or Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. So with my more modern knowledge of vampires, here’s the 10 things I love about vampires. (please remember that depending on the books, not all vampires have the same abilities.

  1. They live FOREVER: So they never grow old and they never lose their looks. And let’s be honest, the guys in romance novels are always hot and ripped so you have a gorgeous guy for life.
  2. Blood play. In my novel, Discovered, there is an accident with a bag of blood and my vampyr hero licks the blood off my heroine. I think they’re the sexiest scenes in the book. It’s like a scene with chocolate sauce but less sticky and a bit more forbidden.
  3. Pain: I’m not personally into pain but for some of the vampires I’ve read and for Lachlan my Vampyr hero, I could make an exception. I know women who are. I’m sure the idea of fangs sinking into your jugular at certain moments is quite a turn on.
  4. Strength: I’m a big girl. A Vampyr would have no problems lifting me. That’s a big plus point for a Vampyr. No guy has been able to lift me in an age. Plus he’d be able to defend me from bad guys.
  5. Speed: You know when you’re craving something late at night and you need it from the late night store NOW. Yeah, super speed would be amazing. Plus all the other things – dishes, housework, the gardening. I know it’s a bit pedestrian but as he finished all that off, imagine how much time there would be for the other more pleasurable things…
  6. Stamina: Well in every vampire novel I’ve read the vampire can go all night. Wonder where I get me one of those.
  7. Age: Let’s be honest, most of these dudes are at least a couple of hundred years old, which means they know how to treat a lady. There’s something quite nice about a guy who holds out your chair, holds a door open for you, kisses your hand, let’s you go on the escalator on the London tube first (actually the guy I’m seeing now does that. Must check out his canines).
  8. Already dead: Let’s be honest, the early part of a relationship with condoms and then the talk about getting tested for diseases… it’s not pleasant. Then having to decide what contraception to use. What a pain. Well a dead guy can’t get diseases and he can’t get you pregnant. Some soap and water and he’s good to go. All that kerfuffle is already done and dusted.
  9. Up all night: I’m a bit of a night owl so it’s kind of cool having someone to keep me company in the wee small hours. And if he’s cute, then that makes it all the better.
  10. Intelligent: He’s ancient so he’ll be well read and well educated. I just LOVE intelligent men. I go gaga for a man with a brain. I’ve never read a vampire book where the vampire was an idiot. So yes, I want a vampire for his brains… please not that’s a vampire and not a zombie. I don’t think I’d like his brains because they would be his dinner.

So that’s it. I’m sure I could come up with many more and I hope you’ll buy and read Discovered. Lachlan, my Vampyr hero is soooo sexy that I’m sure you’ll just fall in love with him as I and my other readers have so far.

Thank you for having me and enjoy the excerpt.

This or That = 

1 Coffee or tea – Coffee

2 Cats or Dogs – Dogs

3 Country or bad boy – Country

4 Tattoos or no tattoos – None

5 Beer or Wine – Wine

6 Romance or Horror Movie – Romance

7 home cooked meal or eating out – both. Though I prefer it if he cooks.

8 regular or diet soda – regular

9 Ellen or Jerry – I assume you mean Ellen De Generes or Jerry Springer. I’m British. They don’t show those here. But I like Ellen De Generes. I used to like her sit com.

10 Red or Purple – Depends on my mood. I’m in a red phase just now because of my book.

Author Photo - Em TaylorAUTHOR BIO

Em was born and brought up in the Central Belt of Scotland and still lives there. She was told as a child she had an over active imagination–as if that is a bad thing. She’s traded her dreams of owning her own island, just like George in the Famous Five to hoping to meet her own Mr Darcy one day. But her imagination remains the same.




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