Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl BT Ban

Dirty Girl Synopsis:


Angus Boone is the devil.

He lured me in, but not with candy or treats. And like the devil, he saw what no one else did.

All of my sins…all of the stains on my soul.

And then he smiled.

I should have run…far far away.

Instead I made a deal that changed us both forever.

***This is part one of a three-part serial***

Warning: This is non-traditional romance,with adult content, sexual situations and a non-traditional ending.



BOONE – Tom Hardy — This needs no explanation. He’s rough, he’s tough, he’s sexy.


CHARITY – Amanda Seyfried – she’s got just the right mix of wholesome and sexy.


JEFF – Odell Beckham Jr – His smile…it reaches his eyes. Plus he looks like the type of guy who would call a friend on their shit. LOL


JAKE – Go Soo – He’s a Korean actor. I’m a sucker for expressive eyes and his make me think of Jake, who’s just a good guy (but the wrong guy for Charity).


Nosy Gena – Antonia Thomas – because she looks likes the type of person not afraid to call someone on shenanigans. She’s got a very direct gaze—kind of like how I imagine Nosy Gena!

Allie Cooke Bio:

Indie author and die-hard Southern girl, Allie Cooke has been reading and writing romance since she was old enough to hold a crayon, so a future as a romance writer wasn’t very farfetched for her. From billionaires to blue collar, from CEO to sexy entrepreneur, whether they’re wearing jeans or suits, Allie’s always had a thing for hot, hunky Alphas who need to be saved from themselves…Usually with the help of the right woman.

When she’s not writing, editing, or reading. Allie can be found cooking up mayhem in the kitchen or catching up on the latest and greatest TV shows with her favorite man.

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