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Saving Grace Synopsis:

As Game Warden, Jack Chambers is responsible for the wildlife in and around Grizzly Cove, but he never expected to find a badly injured mermaid washed up on the shore near his house. He takes her in and helps her back to health, only to learn of the much greater danger held at bay, just off shore, and how it’s affecting the ocean-going shifter population.

Jack’s immediate problem is the pull the leviathan still has over the woman he is fast coming to believe is his mate. He has to save her, but they also need to work through the problems of a land shifter and a mermaid getting together. Can they make the relationship work? Or is he going to end up broken hearted when she returns to her watery home?

And who even knew there were mer people off shore? This is something the residents of Grizzly Cove are going to have to figure out, especially with the leviathan out there too, still posing a great threat to all creatures of the Light.


Bianca D’Arc Bio:

 Bianca D’Arc is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 romance novels. She has twice won EPPIE Awards for her work, along with the Australian Romance Readers Favorite Erotic Romance eBook of 2008 for her first werewolf romance, Lords of the Were. She is a native New Yorker who worked as an executive on Wall Street during the summer of 2001. She changed careers after the tragic attacks of 9/11 and started seriously pursuing publication in 2005. She has a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, a Masters in Library Science, and a Juris Doctor, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She loves her garden and plays the piano, ukulele and guitar.

Guest Post

“We, like many other shifters, mate for life. Once we find our mates, we don’t like to be away from them for any length of time.” The mood between them changed again. It was suddenly more…intimate.

“It’s like that for us too,” she whispered.

She leaned into him, her face raised to his so perfectly. He couldn’t resist. He lowered his lips to hers and was immediately swept up in the most devastating encounter he had ever experienced. Devastating because it rocked his world off its foundations and made him rethink what he’d thought his future might hold.

No human woman could feel this good in his arms or taste so sweet. No shifter woman had ever knocked his socks off like this with a mere kiss. The mermaid, however… She changed his perceptions of reality and reformed his ideas into something more magical than he had ever contemplated.

It was like their energies met and sparked off each other, then settled into a swirling dance of opposites that…attracted. Definitely attracted.

The moment the energy settled down, he pulled her fully into his arms and deepened the kiss. Each new level of intimacy was met with little tingles and a sizzle that eventually settled down into a delicious buzz between them, which heightened every response and drove him onward.

His hands stroked her back, smoothing her long hair. She was so beautiful. He’d thought so from the moment she’d awakened and looked at him with those deep blue eyes. He could happily drown in those eyes and never regret it.

If she let him.

He was very aware of the fact that she was a mermaid. All the old legends about such creatures ended in heartache for the man foolish enough to fall in love with one. Occasionally, the mermaid herself was left broken-hearted too. Either way, none of those old stories ended happily.

It would be up to both of them to see if they could give their personal story a happy ending. For his part, now that he’d tasted her lips and sampled the way their energies collided, then meshed into something stronger and deliciously appealing… Well, he was on board. He would pursue her and try his best to make her fall in love with him.

The proverbial ball, as it were, was in her court. He—and his bear—were pretty much convinced that they could make a go of it together, if she gave them a chance.

The bear wasn’t saying mate just yet, but it was awfully close. Jack could feel his inner bear’s conflict. He wanted her to be the one, but he knew this woman was unlike any other they had ever encountered. This woman would not be taken or told. She had to be wooed, and she had to consciously choose him.

Asking her to live on land with him would be asking her to give up a lot. He would also have to trust that when she did go to the sea, she would come back to him.

That kind of relationship took time to develop. Jack was usually a patient man, but with Grace in his arms, he knew his patience wasn’t going to last long. Perhaps he could seduce her into the initial stages of agreement.

No. That didn’t feel right. If they were going to do this, they had to start off on the firm foundation of honesty, not seduction.

Using all his willpower, Jack eased off on the kiss, pulling back and letting her go by small degrees. But he didn’t let her go far. He kept his arm around her, supporting her, feeling her warmth as he looked deep into her eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” he admitted, starting as he meant to go on—with honesty between them.

“What if I told you, I’d been thinking about it too?” she asked shyly, giving him a little Mona Lisa smile that nearly melted his socks.

He felt his bear stirring as a satisfied growl sounded in his chest. The bear did that sometimes. He watched her reaction carefully. Was she disgusted that his animal was so close to the surface?

Grace’s delicate hand rose to his chest, landing over his heart. “I like that sound,” she whispered. “I like that you’re not human. And I like the way our magics dance with each other.”

“That’s a nice way of describing it. I’ve never felt anything like that before. You?” He promised himself he was going to try his best not to be jealous if she’d experienced this all before with some loser who’d let her go.

But she shook her head, and his heart lifted. “No, that was definitely unique. And kind of exciting.” Her shoulders quirked as a tiny smile returned to her face. “What do you think it means?”



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