Adrian: Mating Fever

Adrian by V. Vaughn

by V. Vaughn

TITLE: Adrian: Mating Fever

SERIES: Rocked By The Bear Book 2

ARC Received From: V. Vaughn



Pages: 123


Pre-med college student, Ginny Harrison thinks playing keyboards in a garage band is just for fun. But when a talent scout offers her a recording deal, the prospect of fame is too good to resist. There’s only one problem — Ginny just became a werebear and mated to Adrian. Signing the contract means playing on human terms, and that risks exposing what they really are.

Adrian Lindquist can’t believe his good fortune. Moving to Maine led him to his true mate and a music opportunity of his dreams. But his mate, Ginny is a new werebear, and the stress of a rock star career is testing her control. He has to decide if the chance of a lifetime is worth endangering an entire kingdom.

Tammy Review

WOW. Ginny had so much going on in her head she was blocking her self. Will she be able to get out of her own head? Will she have to leave the band? Will the band get the music deal? What other choices will they have to make? This is a story of woman empowerment and knowing your own mind and abilities. By being comfortable in your own skin. By accepting yourself for who you are and liking it. By not letting anything stop you not even yourself.

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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