Buck Me… For St Paddy’s

Buck Me... For St Paddy's by Anya Nowlan

by Anya Nowlan

TITLE: Buck Me… For St Paddy’s

SERIES: Frost Brothers’ Brides #4

ARC Received From: Anya Nowlan



Pages: 76


This St Patrick’s Day, it takes one buck to put things right…

This is a standalone novella with a pinch of holiday luck. If you don’t want to have a bucking good time, you better back away quickly!

Pran Frost loves a good party, especially on St Patrick’s. As one of the elite pilots for ELF deliveries, the werestag shifter is looking forward to his time off and finding plenty of fun in Boston in befitting bad boy style. But one meeting with the gorgeously curvy, red-headed Kelly Callahan has him forgetting all about his plans and seeking out the cute bartender instead. Could it be that the sworn bachelor can be swayed by the right kind of woman?

Kelly Callahan is committed to the family business. Working at the family pub, the Callahan’s Shamrock, she’s prepared for a hard weekend of Irish fun when St Paddy’s rolls around. But what she wasn’t expecting was the hot pilot… or the danger she could get in when she’s cornered in an alleyway. So what’s a girl to do – trust the irresistible buck, or ignore her gut and try to handle everything herself?

With her father sworn against any of his daughters dating shifters, can Kelly and Pran find one another or is this one romance that won’t have a lucky ending?

Frost Brothers’ Brides is a series of novellas following a very special set of buck brothers. The nine brothers will each get their stories told during the holidays! The books can and should be read as standalones and have a guaranteed HEA!

Tammy Review

This is the next book about the Frost brothers. In this story we meet Pran who is looking forwards to having 4 days off to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. When he was on a delivery to a bar he happens to meet a woman who is his perfect type. He happens to figure out that she is his mate but will she accept him since he is not Irish? What will happen as they get to know each other? Will they ever go out on their date? Can she accept that he is a shifter? These and many other questions can be answered IF YOU READ the story. This is a must read.

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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