Cyrus (Black Bear Outlaws, #1)

Cyrus by Kenzie Cox

by Kenzie Cox

TITLE: Cyrus

SERIES: Black Bear Outlaws #1

ARC Received From: Kenzie Cox



Pages: 72


He’s loved her since they were kids…

Cyrus Doucet used to be the bad boy, the one all the girls wanted…all of them except one, the girl next door.

He’s everything she says she doesn’t want…

Claire Erickson’s always been the good girl…until now. She’s in trouble and the only person she can turn to is her outlaw neighbor, Cyrus Doucet.

Tammy Review

This book was great. We meet Cyrus and his brothers. We meet Claire. Claire has an issue and Cyrus offers up a solution. Will Claire accept it? Will the Elders believe it? Will she break her rule for true love? Which brother will fall next? Will they finally mate? Will things be OK or will her life fall apart?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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