Aleck (Rocked by the Bear, #3)

by V. Vaughn

TITLE: Aleck

SERIES: Rocked By The Bear #3

ARC Received From: V. Vaughn



Pages: 63


Noel Keating loves her job as talent scout, Link Murphy’s assistant. Traveling to exciting places and searching for the next big star with her boyfriend is the perfect mix of business and pleasure – until they land in Brunswick, Maine. Sent to scope out an underground sensation, Noel meets a Nordic god of a man that rocks her world beyond her wildest dreams. And all she ever wanted is no longer good enough.

Aleck Lindquist lives life behind the scenes. As a talented composer and lyricist, it’s not often he has to deal with more than a few people at a time. But when his brother is thrown into the limelight, fame shines on Aleck too. He’d turn it down in a heartbeat if the deal didn’t include one-on-one time with the sexy brunette that happens to be his true mate. Now he’ll do anything to convince Noel she’s the one.

Tammy Review

This book was good. It was way different then the others. Aleck is the shy one and had a few issues to resolve. Noel also has some issues to work out. Will they find the love they need or will they let it go? Will Noel learn to budget her money or let it come between them? What is next for this group?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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