Mary Poppins

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Impossible Dream #3
Beth Ciotta
Released February 27th, 2016
BC Ink

When fate bobbles your dream,
sometimes you have to make your own magic…
Award-winning author Beth Ciotta presents Marry Poppins, the third book in the contemporary
fairy tale series—Impossible Dream—celebrating hope, love, and the magic of the
human spirit!

She wants a family.
He needs a wife. A marriage-of-convenience solves a myriad of problems for
unlucky Georgie Poppins and down-on-his-luck Bryce Morgan. Falling in love
wasn’t part of the bargain so no one is more surprised than Georgie and Bryce
when sexual sparks ignite a full-blown romance. Unfortunately, as love swells,
trouble mounts, including a glitch at Impossible—an Internet company
designed to match people with their most avid desire. Maybe Georgie and Bryce
weren’t meant to be after all.


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The “Possible” in Impossible

My name is Beth Ciotta and I have a lifelong obsession with fairy tales. Particularly those of the romantic variety and definitely those with magical elements. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read or viewed classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Cinderella? Let’s just say if there is a spin-off, remake, or re-envisioned adaptation, I’ve seen it. (Ever After starring Drew Barrymore is a close-to-my-heart favorite.)

An incurable daydreamer with a passionate creative streak, I eventually channeled my addiction into writing fantastical stories of my own. Not fairy tales in the strictest sense, but certainly influenced by the most basic elements. A heroine, a hero, a villain. A string of unlikely events that lead to a happy ending. Whether I’m writing paranormal, steampunk, historical or contemporary romance, I’m channeling my fairy tale sensibilities.

Those sensibilities are at their strongest in my newest project—Impossible Dream. Modern-day fairy tales highlighting universal truths and the wonders of falling in love. This contemporary series (celebrating hope, love, and the magic of the human spirit) launched with Beauty & the Biker and was followed by the holiday novella, Enchanting Christmas. Now I’m celebrating the release of book three, Marry Poppins (a nanny arrangement that leads to a marriage-of-convenience) and working on the fourth romantic adventure—No Place Like Nowhere (inspired by—you guessed it—Wizard of Oz). Described thus far by readers as emotional and magical feel-good reads, I am over-the-moon thrilled to connect with fellow dreamers.

Once upon a time I had my own impossible dream. To sign with a major New York publisher and to share my stories with the world. I worked hard and I believed. Sometimes, believing is everything. I’ve been living that “impossible dream” for several years now and I’m daring to dream beyond as I navigate Indie waters, writing tales of my heart and hoping to inspire readers to believe . . . Anything is possible.

Beth Ciotta is an
award-winning author who specializes in quirky romantic adventures. Dubbed “fun
and sexy” by Publishers Weekly, her work includes contemporary, historical, and
paranormal romantic fiction. Beth lives in New Jersey with her husband, two
zany dogs, and a crazy cat.
A retired professional performer, Beth now pours her artistic passion into her
writing. To learn more about her colorful life, visit her website at
Looking for more Impossible Dream Romances?


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