Cole (Black Bear Outlaws #3)

Cole (Black Bear Outlaws, #3)

by Kenzie Cox


SERIES: Black Bear Outlaws #3

ARC Received From: Kenzie Cox



Pages: 72


He’s a man in danger of losing his self control…

Cole Doucet has a job to do. Protect the starlet at any cost. But who’s going to protect her from him.

She’s a woman in danger of losing her heart…

Amberly Matthews has sworn off men, show business, and the life in the public eye. But when a crazed stalker comes after her, suddenly she’s thrust into the path—and arms—of Cole Doucet.

Reviewed by Tammy:

WOW. I LOVED THIS BOOK. In this one Cole is protecting a movie star and he is attracted to her. Will she accept him? Will they figure out who is stalking her? Will they find the person trying to kill her? Why is this happening to her? Will he be able to save her? Will they mate? What will there life be like?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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