Mica (Dragon Horde #1)

Mica (Dragon Horde, #1)

by Ronin Winters


SERIES: Dragon Horde #1

ARC Received From: Ronin Winters



Pages: 63


No one looked more out of place in her tea shop than the big, bearded, muscled and tattooed man, but his daily visits were the highlight of Sophie’s day. If she had the occasional naughty thoughts about the sexy stranger while she was baking scones or organizing the monthly book club, well, indulging in a little fantasy never hurt anyone. Anyway, it’s not like there was a chance of it coming true…

From the first moment he saw the curvy shop proprietor, Mica’s been panting after the gorgeous brunette, and his dragon is going crazy with the need to claim her. Her stunning smile and infectious laugh lightens his heart – and her sweet-as-sin body has a more earthy effect on him. It might take some time to break through her shyness, but Mica can imagine no greater treasure than finally claiming Sophie as his mate. 

Tammy Review

We meet some of the Dragon clan. Each member we have met so far has an Only but they each have issues. We learn more as we read the story. Mica has some misguided thoughts. Is n=he going to let them keep him from his woman? Will she get over her insecurities and fight for her man? Can they work together? What will happen next?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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