Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock

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Book Cover Friday Evening Eight O'Clock

Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock
By author – Nino Gugunishvili


Tasha is a dreamer in search of a new dream.

She’s bored with Pilates. She’s never tried yoga. She doesn’t even have a driver’s license. She lives a pretty ordinary life as a freelance writer who battles the occasional flow of melancholy with the regular flow of martinis. Nestled into her couch, her television remote in one hand and a cold adult beverage in the other, she’s found a favorite way to pass the hours on a Friday evening. It’s comfortable and familiar, but it’s not exactly an exciting way to live. With two of her closest friends, a bossy mother, an eighty-two-year-old grandmother, and Griffin, her fat yellow Labrador at her side, she knows that there has to be something better out there.

But where?

When she gets an unexpected offer to relocate to France to write a magazine column, she thinks her circumstances are improving. But life in a new country isn’t all pêches et la crème. Now far away from her comfort zone, Tasha must find the inner strength to start a new career and navigate the bizarre and unknown world of professional jealousy, intrigue, and conflicting personalities in a very foreign land.

It’s enough to make a girl yearn for those quiet nights on the couch.

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Guest Post –

 Today I would like to write and share my thought about a blank page. Yes, exactly, about that terrifying, scary, rising our self-doubts, bringing up our insecurities the very first blank page you may be staring at right now and thinking what to type or handwrite on it.  I know that many of us are familiar with the feeling and an overwhelming emotion of bewilderment, panic or confusion when we sit there with our laptops, agonizing over on how to start.

But stop for a minute or two, and think differently.  See, how beautiful that blank page is even without a single word on it, reminding us of a whole mesmerizing universe of stories, plots, characters and their paths, or beautiful settings still unseen and untold, waiting to be born, holding so many possibilities, so many developments and twists and turns and premises ahead.

Before you start writing you are free. That blank page in front of you gives you an ultimate freedom to decide what to write, where to go, what type of narrative to follow, how far to travel.

 I hope you’ll agree, that the minute before you start writing the very first sentence of your future novel is almost surreal and for me we surely owe it to the blank page, for it certainly brings us a feeling of a magical happening, a possibility of discovering how intimate and at the same time how demanding, scrutinizing but also fulfilling and joyful the process of writing can be.

The blank page is giving you a precious gift of a mystery that you yourself unfold with your own unique style and voice.  Because it’s your story, your experience, your regrets, your ups and downs and your distinctiveness that makes it sparkle.  It’s an excitement of diving into something unknown, so thrilling, captivating, ecstatic that once you get a taste of it you won’t be able to trade it for anything other.   And so the blank page is always there for you, waiting silently until you get brave enough, fearless enough, dedicated enough to start the most turbulent, often painful but equally rewarding journey of writing a book.

You begin, words are flowing, filling the space, shaping your story with every sentence you write and then you finish and start again, only to discover, that there are millions of blank pages out there, that you’ll still have to conquer.


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About the Author:

Author – Nino Gugunishvili


Nino Gugunishvili holds MA in arts and has worked in the film and television industries.
“Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock” is her debut novel. She lives in Tbilisi, Georgia

Find her here:

Facebook Page

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