Bear’s Secret Baby (Emerald City Shifters #3)

Bear's Secret Baby (Emerald City Shifters, #3)

by Kit Tunstall, Kit Fawkes

TITLE: Bear’s Secret Baby

SERIES: Emerald City Shifters #3

ARC Received From: Kit Fawkes/Kit Tunstall



Pages: 63


Shayla adopted her niece at birth when her sister turned her back on the baby without a real explanation, besides the “strangeness” of the father’s people. Aislinn is ill, and the doctors have given up hope, so she takes the girl to Bear Island, where her father and his people live, praying for a miracle. She finds truths she isn’t ready to face among a clan of bear-shifters. In Kade, she finds an angry bear denied the knowledge of his daughter’s existence. There is more beneath the anger, and when he looks at her, she knows he feels the pull between them too. Their attraction is as impossible as it is irresistible, but they must work together when an outside force tries to remove the baby from both of them. 

Tammy Review

What do you do when your sister doesn’t want her child? You adopt it duh? But what do you do when she becomes sick? Do you accept fate or find the father and see what he can do to help? What happens when you realize you are attracted to the father? What do you do when DCF comes to take your baby? Do you fight or roll over? Read this story to see what she decided to do!!!!!

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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