Mated to the Werewolves (Shifters of Shadow Falls #5)

Mated to the Werewolves (Shifters of Shadow Falls Book 5)

by Crystal L. Shaw

TITLE: Mated to the Werewolves

SERIES: Shifters of Shadow Falls #5

ARC Received From: I OWN IT



Pages: 138


He rescued her, but at what cost?

When fierce, dominant Jude Black goes on a mission to spy on an enemy werewolf pack, he never expects to meet his mate. One glance at sweet, gorgeous Lena has his fists clenched and his wolf snarling… she’s his, even if she bears the enemy’s claiming mark.

Lena spends her days cowering from her alpha’s vicious temper. She feels like a broken woman, beaten down and lied to, until she’s rescued by an unknown wolf who lights every nerve in her body aflame. Strong, compassionate, and irresistibly handsome, Jude is everything she thinks a real mate should be…

But when Jude says he’s her true mate, her shattered heart doesn’t know what to believe.

In a battle for life and love, Lena must free herself from the past and learn to trust her heart again… or risk losing her true mate forever.

This standalone novel contains a growly alpha werewolf that’s just as hot as he is protective. Guaranteed happily ever after.
This book is a standalone, but features characters from the entire Shadow Falls series. If you’d like to start from the beginning, please see the Author Note below to view the other books in the Shifters of Shadow Falls series 

Tammy Review

This book was amazing! They finally take out Shadow’s pack. Will Lena accept her new mate? Will she finally feel normal again? What will the brothers do when they finally confront their father? Will Jude become the new alpha? What will happen now? Will the Authority fall? What is the bad guy thinking will his plan succeed?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was able to get it when it was on sale so I own a copy as well.


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