The Alphas’ Captive (Shifters of Shadow Falls #4)

The Alphas' Captive (Shifters of Shadow Falls Book 4)

by Crystal L. Shaw

TITLE: The Alpha’s Captive

SERIES: Shifters of Shadow Falls #4

ARC Received From: I OWN A COPY



Pages: 103


When the hunter becomes the prey, curvy Emma finds out what it means to be the alphas’ captive. 

Curvy journalist Emma thinks the division between species is doing more harm than good. She needs hard evidence to prove that shifters aren’t the savage beasts the world thinks they are.

When she finds werewolf tracks, she’ll get the break she’s been longing for. But, those tracks belong to the twin Alphas of Dark Valley. One look at them and she’s got compelling, rock-hard evidence. 

Luke is insufferably sexy, dark, and intense. He’s the alpha of the pack along with his twin. Unlike his hot-headed brother, Owen’s rational and decisive, but he’s just as deliciously sexy. The two alphas are shocked when they discover the stunning and courageous human following them is their mate.

And even better, she’s in heat.

When the Alphas’ lust turns to obsession, neither can fight their primal need to claim her, and neither is willing to share.

This stand-alone novel contains hot, alpha werewolves that will bring out your own inner animal. Guaranteed happily ever after.

Although this is a standalone, if you’d like to read more about the backstory in Shadow Falls, please see the Author Note below to view the other books in the Shifters of Shadow Falls series.

Tammy Review

We meet a new pack with twins who are the alphas. We meet a woman who is in hunt of a story who follows wolf tracks. Will she realize that they are her mates? Will she accept them both? Will they ever get to claim her? Will she be able to write and publish her story? What will happen next?

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