Buck Me… For 4th Of July (Frost Brothers’ Brides Book 5)

Buck Me... For 4th Of July: BBW Paranormal Were-reindeer Shapeshifter Holiday Romance (Frost Brothers' Brides Book 5)

by Anya Nowlan

TITLE: Buck Me… For 4th of July

SERIES: Frost Brother’s Brides Book 5

ARC Received From: Anya Nowlan



Pages: 71


Nothing better to add fireworks to a woman’s life like a well-timed buck!

Rina Reynolds loves 4th of July. Not only are the skies ablaze with colors and explosions that time of year, but they’re her colors and explosions! Running a successful fireworks show company is no small feat, but managing a relationship on top of that seems to come naturally to this curvy entrepreneur! 

Until, of course, it doesn’t. 

In one night, she gets both proposed to and then quickly dumped, told to learn her place in life, chased by hooligans and saved by a stag she never thought she would see again. So is this 4th of July going to be as magical as the ones before it or is the bad going to outweigh the good? 

Comet Frost is over getting dragged into things. Despite his brothers’ best efforts, this stag shifter with a checkered past adamant about not being a disappointment to the one person whose opinion he ever cared about. Second chances may come and go but he’s certain there isn’t one in the stars for him. 

Until, of course, it is. 

Thrust together by chance and fate, Comet gets one last chance to be the man he knows Rina deserves. And Rina has to make a choice whether new beginnings can be put before old wounds. 

Can 4th of July be saved or are the fireworks just not going to happen this year? 

This book is a little holiday novella following the fifth Frost brother. It can be read as a standalone and has a guaranteed happy ending! The Frost brothers prove that reindeers are not just meant for Christmas and that every woman deserves a good buck in their life…

Tammy Review

Rina and Comet have a past together can they find there way to what they want? Rina has her own Fireworks company and her boyfriend thinks he can do a better job and makes a backwards proposal will she accept it? Comet is making a delivery till he sees her name on the paper work and bails. Will there paths cross? Can they fix there issues? What will happen next?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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