Sleeping Dragons Omnibus (Sleeping Dragons #1 – 6)

Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

by Ophelia Bell


TITLE: Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

SERIES: Sleeping Dragons 1-6

ARC Received From:



Pages: 398


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Erika’s spent her entire post-graduate career searching for it. The elusive dragon stronghold her archaeologist professors scoffed at as being only a myth. Now she has the perfect team and has led them into the deepest reaches of the Sumatran jungle. At the edge of the discovery of the century, she’s finally about to prove to everyone how wrong they were.
But when the seven intrepid explorers pass through the doors they’re barely prepared for the conflict of lust versus logic they’re faced with on the inside. Ages-old magic lingers in the stronghold, dictating that they perform a ritual to awaken the long-slumbering beasts within. And beasts that beautiful only awaken to one thing: the unbridled release of humans in the throes of ecstasy.

Series of six novelettes that include menage, voyeurism, masturbation, and all kinds of other fun kinks involving shapeshifting mythical beasts who breathe magic smoke and have very long, prehensile tongues.

Tammy Review

Animus (Sleeping Dragons #1)

Oh WOW what a way to start a series. You are drawn in from the very first page. We are taken on a search for the Dragons. What happens when they find they cave? Will the Dragons be there? What will happen next?

Tabula Rasa (Sleeping Dragons, #2)

Oh WOW what a way to lose your virginity. But will she also get her man? Will she be open to new experiences? What will happen next?

Gemini (Sleeping Dragons #3)

Dimitri is dealing with the death of his twin. He feels like part of himself is missing. When he learns the truth if the cave will he accept it? Will he make a choice? What will happen next?

Shadows (Sleeping Dragons, #4)

WOW the Shadow finally makes amends. She is running from her past. He is reliving his past. Will they be able to trust each other. Will they be able to heal each other? What will happen next?

Nexus (Sleeping Dragons, #5)

WOW talk about an awakening. We are pulled into a major moment. Will he be able to handle the job at hand? Will he finally get to talk to his sister? What will happen next for them?

Ascend (Sleeping Dragons, #6)

Will Corey be able to do the task set out for him? Can he get past his ideals? Will the Queen live to tell the tale? What will happen now? What is instore for the Dragons now?

OVERALL the book is great. We follow each member of the expedition team as they find there Dragon and how they had to wake them up. I cant wait to get the next series so i can see what happens next.

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