REVIEW OF :: Defender: Reckless Desires (Alpha Protectors #3)

Defender: Reckless Desires (Alpha Protectors, #3)

by Olivia Arran

TITLE: Defender : Reckless Desires

SERIES: Alpha Protectors #3

ARC Received From: Olivia Arran



Pages: 159


He makes me forget what’s important… 
Vincent Charles Brownstone III—alpha wolf shifter, British, and an arrogant playboy. He’s the firstborn son of one of London’s elite families. He’s also sinfully handsome, with a rock hard body and eyes that make me think of wicked things. I know I’m a part of that world too, but I’m human 
and I’m American—two things that make me very different from the others. And I have bigger things to worry about, like finding my best friend. She’s missing and it’s my fault.

So, if Vincent Charles Brownstone III could just stay out of my head, and out of my life, that’d be great. Right? If only it were that easy…

I left home for a damn good reason, but for her I’d stay… 
I didn’t want to come back home to England, but I go where the mission takes me. It’s my job to do the impossible, to go undercover and root out hidden secrets. American shifters have gone missing, so now I don’t have a choice. I 
have to face my past.

I didn’t expect to run smack-bang into my true mate in a crowded London street. She’s tiny, with delicious curves and big brown eyes, and she’s playing hard to get. I’m smitten.

But will she see the man I really am, behind the cover-story and hidden past, or will she judge me like all the others?

I’ve got my plate full: missing shifters to find, a past to outrun, and the woman of my dreams to win over.

Good thing I love a challenge.

~ ~ ~

Alpha Protectors
Tough, growly wolf shifters fated to finally meet their match.

A new series by Olivia Arran, and also a part of the Reckless Desires collection!

In the darkest corner of an alpha’s broken heart, fate ignites a flicker of hope. From lusty wolves and burly bears to decadent dragons, these alphas hunger for inner peace which can only come from finding their perfect mate. Seven best-selling authors each bring you a series of standalone books filled with redemption, love, and reckless desire — not to mention a whole lot of primal growling as these alpha heroes claim their fated mates.

Tammy Review

He is on a mission to find the missing shifters. He had to go home to London to do it and face his past. She is the contact that has sent for the best person for the job. Neither knows who the other is. Will they figure it out? He has a woman literally run into him. As she is leaving he catches her scent and it calls to him. She cant get him off her mind. Will they realize they are true mates? Will they work things out? Will they find the missing shifters? What will happen next?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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