REVIEW OF Rebel Kato (Shifters of the Primus #1)

Rebel Kato (Shifters of the Primus, #1)

by Elyssa Ebbott

TITLE: Rebel Kato

SERIES: Shifters pf the Primus #1

ARC Received From: Elyssa Ebbott



Pages: 124


He takes what he wants. And he wants me.

When we run out of fuel hundreds of light years from Earth, our only hope is a nearby planet. There’s just one problem: it’s home to the most savage aliens in the galaxy.

But when the Primus warriors board our ship, they haven’t come to take all of us. Their prince just wants me. And if he doesn’t choose me as his mate, he’s going to kill everyone I’ve ever known.

Kato’s a deadly alpha shifter with shimmering golden skin and a tendency to leave bodies in his wake. He’s dangerous and has an ego as big as his golden spear. But does he just want a few nights of passion, or a woman to call his princess?

When murderous factions try to keep us apart, I will have more to worry about than just surviving the irresistible prince’s touch. I will have to choose between the danger of being beside him or the certain death that awaits outside his protection.

He has protected me so far. But when his king demands my death, will my prince rebel to save me?

Reviewed by Tammy:

This story was interesting but a bit slow. We meet a colony looking for a new home planet. They come upon this planet with interesting people on it. Will these people accept them? Can the humans survive this place? Will they be able to find what is needed? What will happen next?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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