Rebel Pax (Shifters of the Primus Book 2)

Rebel Pax (Shifters of the Primus Book 2)

by Elyssa Ebbott

TITLE: Rebel Pax

SERIES: Shifters of the Primus Book 2

ARC Received From: Elyssa Ebbott and I OWN IT



Pages: 178


He said he’d protect me. But I know he’s going to ruin me.

I live as a refugee on an alien planet swarming with killers and thieves. I keep my distance, and they keep theirs. It’s the only way I can survive.

But when my shuttle is shot down and an exiled alien king claims me as his, I’m not sure if he’s rescuing me – or abducting me.

He has the blue skin of an angel but the temper of a devil. He’s brutal, merciless, and fiercely protective of what’s his.

If I’m going to survive, I’ll need to let him take me and claim me. But murderous plots, betrayals, and the threat of a war will force me to make a choice: ally myself with the frightening Primus or risk failure and death without him.

Trusting him is my only chance to live, but how long will I survive him?

Rebel Pax is the second book in the Shifters of the Primus series, but it can be read as a standalone. Each book in this science fiction series has a happily ever after and no cliffhangers, guaranteed.

Tammy Review

We follow up with the sister. We see what she is doing now. We meet an exiled King Pax. When he sees her in danger his life changes. It looks like she is getting her wish. Can the solve the mystery around her? Will they survive? What else could possibly go wrong? What will happen next?


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