Shifters in Love – Summer Edition #1: Multi-Author Romance Box Set

by V. Vaughn, Harmony Raines, Bella Love-Wins,Scarlett Grove, Ariana Hawkes, C.E. Black, Kate Kent, Michele BardsleyBecca Fanning

TITLE: Summer Love Shifter Style

SERIES: Shifters In Love Book 1

ARC Received From: V. Vaughn



Pages: 832


Irresistible bears and wolves sizzle with summer heat in this collection of shifter romance stories of love. Take a walk on the wild side with hunky alpha heroes who will stop at nothing to win over their fated mates. All stories start off a series from USA Today and National Bestselling authors.

Bad Boy Fire Bear – Bella Love-Wins
Nevada firefighter bear shifter, Jax Carson never believed settling down was in the cards for him. That was right up until his bear caught sight of the new waitress, Joleen Emery, and roared with a lust to claim her.

FURever: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance – Kate Kent
Are you ready to have your toes curled? One curvy, sexy woman plus two hunky Alpha wolf shifters = scorching, hot menage romance!

Shifted Undercover – C.E. Black
Secret agendas, and hidden plans, begin to unravel after chaos erupts on a plane. Nikki isn’t willing to lose the love she’s found in Adam over a flight plan gone wrong, and Adam is determined to risk it all for the love of his woman; revealing the beast that resides within.

The Werewolf’s Bride – Michele Bardsley
To honor her town’s 150-year-old pact with the werewolves, Arabelle Winton dutifully marries Shadow Pack alpha Greyson Burke. Their marriage of convenience might well turn into true love. But only if the pack’s most dangerous enemy doesn’t destroy them first.

Chief Bear – Scarlett Grove
On Fate Mountain, Levi Blackthorn is alpha of the search-and-rescue crew the Rescue Bears. Juliet Hernandez is a sassy, sweet woman who’s been unlucky in love. Can Juliet let go of her past and trust the wild heart of her shifter mate?

Redeem the Wolf – Harmony Raines
Kurt has made mistakes, big mistakes, and he paid the price, but one woman saved him, coaxing him back from the brink. Then she left, before he could thank her, all he has to hold onto, is the memory of her face, a face he paints over and over again. Now she needs his help, can Kurt save her, and somehow redeem his wolf?

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Melissa) – Ariana Hawkes
When Melissa Ericson has a panic attack as her best friend is giving birth, sexy shifter Doctor Harley is on hand to calm her down. But there’s something about him that keeps tugging at her mind, and suddenly she’s drawn back into a place she never wanted to think about again. The past is so confusing and painful, but will the smoking-hot werewolf prove to be her destroyer or her savior?

Brindle – V. Vaughn
Becoming a werewolf the night of senior prom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When Katie realizes what’s she done she runs. But mating season has arrived, and Brindle is the only one that can satisfy the needs of her fever, and her heart.

Dietrich (Bear Dating Agency I) – Becca Fanning
A family of single Bear Shifter men, a secluded state park and a matronly grandmother who is sick of not having any grandchildren. Come along for the lip-biting, hair-pulling, sweaty-riding Bear Dating Agency series!

Reviewed by Tammy:

BK 1 Chief Bear – Scarlett Grove

This is the story of Juliet and Levi. We meet Juliet and her girlfriends. Her friend Charlotte is getting married. She decided to join a dating site for shifters. The guy she meets happens to own the place her friend is getting married at. Will sparks fly when they meet? Will she be his mate? Will things go without any problems? What will happen next?

BK 2 Redeem the Wolf – Harmony Raines

This book was fun. We meet a wolf with some issues. He finds and lost his mate. Will he find her again? She is a Physiatrist and a fraud. She helps shifter return to them selves but she cant even connect with her other self. Will she finally be able to? Will she keep running from her mate? What will happen next?

BK 3 Brindle – V. Vaughn

LOL this book is funny. I don’t even know how to describe this book without giving away to much information. let’s see girl meets boy they fall in love. girl gets scared breaks up and leaves. realizes that she made a mistake and came home for him. but will he take her back? will they work things out?

BK 4 Bad Boy Firebear – Bella Love-Wins

This book was really good. We have action. We have drama. We have heartache. We have bear shifters what more could a girl ask for ? 🙂 We meet Joleen who is in an abusive relationship and trying to get out on her own. She meets Jax who is a womanizer. Can they find common ground? Will she accept his help? What will happen when she sees him shift? What will happen next?

BK 5 Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Melissa) – Ariana Hawkes

Oh wow! In this book we follow a bbw how had a bad childhood. She was attacked in school and lead to believe it was by him. She has a bad experience when one of her friends goes into labor. Will her and she the doctor be able to work out thier differences? Will they mate and what kind of mating? what will happen next?

BK 6 Shifted Undercover – C. E. Black.

Let’s see they got married. They are on their way to their honeymoon. They get hijacked. Then they learn that they have been lying to each other. Will there mission be completed? Will there marriage survive? Will they work things out? What will happen next?

BK 7 The Werewolf’s Bride – Michele Bardsley

OH WOW. We have intrigue. We have betrayal. We have fighting. We have love. Can they figure out what is really going on? Can she keep saving herself or will she let her mate save her once in awhile? Can the pack be saved? Can they move past what has happened? What will happen next?

BK 8 Furever – Kate Kent

This book was fun. We meet a woman who has issues with men and trust. After learning her story I can understand the issues. We meet the cousins who have a new goal and that is to win her. Can the succeed? Can they help her move on? What really is going on in the nursing home? What will happen next?

BK 9 Dietrich – Becca Fanning

This book was fun. We meet a model who made a error in judgment and went to the mountains to get away. She is distracted and runs into some bears. Will she be attacked or are they shifters? Will she figure out what the yellow eyes mean? Can they work out some issues? What will happen next?

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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