How to Kiss a Cowboy (Cowboys of Decker Ranch #2)

18509603 by Joanne Kennedy

# OF STARS  5/5                   Genre: Romance Cowboys               Pages: 463


Between rodeo wins and endorsement deals, Saddle Bronc Champion Brady Caine is living a charmed life. But when he causes an accident that could end a promising barrel racer’s career, he decides that he’s done with loose women and wild rides. All he wants to do is erase his mistake by getting Suze Carlyle back in the saddle.

The last person barrel racer Suze wants to see on her doorstep is the man who ended her rodeo career, but she can’t help admire Brady’s persistence. Sparks fly between them, but when her barn is sabotaged she wonders if he’s really the straight shooter he seems to be…


ARC Review:

We are introduced to two rodeo stars with a bit of a history and some issues. We follow them through some rough times and misunderstandings. This is the second book in the Decker Ranch Series. I didn’t read the first but I do love the second one.

Will Suze forgive Brady and can they overcome their own problems and insecurities and find what is right in front of them. Will Brady find what was lost and confess or will he keep faking it?

The more I read of this book the more I fall in love with the characters. I am grateful that Joanne was able to write her story in such a way that it pulls you in and you can relate to the characters and feel what they are felling.

I am happy that they were able to work things out and I love how Joanne was able to make it feel like you where a part of the story from beginning to ending. She did a great job describing the Rodeo and everything that happens in them and I am most grateful for that. This is a true Cowboy book and LOVE IT.