REVIEW of The Dead Man’s Deal (The Witherspoon Mansion Adventures #1)

The Dead Man’s Deal (The Witherspoon Mansion Adventures #1)

by Jax Daniels

TITLE: The Dead Mans Deal

SERIES: The Witherspoon Mansion Adventures #1

ARC Received From: Jax Daniels

# OF STARS 3.5

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 366


When her husband Will is unexpectedly killed, Winki Witherspoon inherits more than just a New Orleans’s mansion. She inherits his talents, which are magical abilities she never knew he had. The new domestic staff—her butler Jeeves, her maid Mrs. Black, her cook Mrs. White, and her mad-scientists, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson—help prepare her for the annual Tournament, a brutal conflict where House Champions vie to decide who will control the flow of good or evil energy into the mortal plane. Winki soon realizes, however, that one of them is a traitor, and possibly her husband’s killer. From beyond the grave, Will guides her through her new life, and warns her about the temptations of evil. With the help of her silent healer and her cockroach familiar, Winki must use her newfound talent to defend her home, find Will’s traitor, and protect the world before she is killed…or turns evil herself.

Reviewed by Lilly:

Not my usual cup of tea with this book but was still a pretty interesting read. For a first book within a series this should be a good. When your husband dies and all the sudden you learn things about him that you never thought possible. You inherit first a great mansion but with it your husbands magical powers and abilities. Then you learn of the dangers he was in. Yes just read the book.

I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.